Friday, October 8, 2010

A Giveaway of Epic Proportion

This has been a post I have been dreaming about for much too long…so indulge me in a bit of silly and excitement!!!

A Handmade Childhood is Thrilled to be Giving Away……

An entire set of the limited edition, one time only, quirky, shore-loving, forest exploring, artsy, tumbly Robinson Family.

IMG_6995 IMG_7004 September 100 IMG_6935

 To enter this exciting giveaway don’t bother commenting on this post but rather contact the tallest Robinson with an offer he can’t refuse.  You’ll find him easy to please…just a simple nook somewhere in the world with a job that is challenging and exciting in a “mathy” sort of way.  (I know…an exciting math job is a tall order…but this giveaway is totally worth it!!!) Entries from anywhere in the continental United States will be accepted!

Entries opened much too long ago and will remain open much too long.

Drum roll please….Entries are now closed!!!!

Yes indeed dear readers…comments and entries have now closed.

And the winner is…..

Boston, Massachusetts

(“exciting” font chosen by my very own very nearly 5 year old)

So just to clarify…we will be moving shortly!  Not to the harbor pictured but rather to Watertown, MA, which is just outside of Boston.  We couldn’t be more excited and will undoubtedly flood you with details in this space in the next few weeks. 

But for now…I’m off to eat another celebratory ice cream…want to join me!!!