Friday, August 6, 2010

Jungle Fever!

August 080

No one here has jungle fever…thankfully! But what a jungle the garden has become!!! Yikes!

{this moment} I would like to bring you a few of our favorite spots and favorite things in this special place of ours.

Lately in this space we have been devouring the very last of a very large amount of string beans, and welcoming the very beginning of an insanely huge amount of cherry tomatoes! We do so love to mark the time with the coming and going of vegetables!

August 083 105_7207 105_7220 105_7224‘Nothin like a man in a bean teepee with his little ones!!!

It is truly incredible how massive a plant can grow from so small a seed, planted by so small of hands. There is nothing like larger than life sunflowers to create a playspace full of magic and wonder. They truly are a children’s flower!

August 086

August 004


The seesaw is more often used as an balance board than a seesaw…!


August 002

For me…right now…I am loving the last romp in the yard and garden before bedtime. When our whole family is together and often finding ourselves hunting for bits of juicy red goodness, sliding, running, and balancing…together…peaceful and happy. When the light is amazing and everywhere things come to life in a new way. When moments and memories are captured in hearts and cameras. It is a beautiful time. Oh such a beautiful time.