Monday, August 2, 2010


I’ve shared with you before how much my little girl loves to dance.  She loves to dance.  All day everyday she dances from room to room, often wearing a tutu, leotard, or dress she deems twirly enough!  It is simply a part of her!  In fact, at this very moment she is dancing and flitting around from room to room in a purple leotard gathering toys.  It’s unlikely she will take it off…or stop dancing…before bedtime! 

Recently I decided I wanted to document more of my children’s loves and current interests with artwork created by me.  This serves two purposes.  It creates a beautiful representation of where they are in this phase of their lives, and also offers me yet another chance to create.  I completed a zebra for my son recently and have only to hang a new piece for my dancing girl! 


I used a piece of salvaged wood and stenciled three dancers, and wrote the word “dance”.  I used a staple gun to attach scraps of fabric and “gauzy” bits to create their skirts.  Yup…that’s it!  Easy peasy!  Now the only challenge lies in finding the perfect spot to hang it that also lines up with a wall stud…!  I’m probably being overly cautious…but I don’t want to take any chances with it falling down! 


Happy Monday friends!  Granola is in the oven…bread is started…the kidlings are playing beautifully…it’s going to be a great week!