Saturday, July 24, 2010

Out Kalooping

kaloop  (kä-loop) verb  1.  to go out and about  2.  to shop with a group of friends  3.  to fill a morning, afternoon, evening…or entire day, with merriment and laughter and pleasure shopping       

*purists believe that true kalooping should include all three definitions!!!

Kalooping has been a favorite pastime of mine since before I can remember.  It originated with my mother, her mother, and her dear sister.  The combination of those three amazing women is always true merriment and abundant laughter.  My sisters and I relished in being included in their kalooping and now I am treasuring bringing along my own daughter!! 

In the spirit of kalooping I bring you a new series!  Each Saturday join me in some of my favorite local shops.  Most of you are not local to me and won’t be able to visit these shops yourself…but I hope you enjoy kalooping with me nonetheless!!!




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The Whole Nine Yards

513 Main Street

Medina, NY 14103

I happened upon this little shop, run by Shawna Baldwin, a few years ago not too long after she had opened.  In this rural area quality fabric stores are few and far between…but this one is fantastic.  It’s just so warm and cozy….and infinitely inspiring.  Located in an old shop on Historic Medina’s Main Street the building itself is positively oozing with character.  Can you see the mosaic entrance in the first picture?  Love it!  There’s high ceilings, lots of original cabinetry and lighting…and to top it off Shawna has filled it with her own constantly rotating selection of antiques.  There are stories and character and history everywhere you look.  For a girl who loves clean graphic design and fresh modern looks,  I my heart still skips a beat in a room full of antiques and bits and bobs from the past. 

Along with antiques Shawna has a fabulous taste in fabric and a true grasp of local quilting needs and has a remarkable inventory of fabrics.  My favorite: the 1930’s!  With drowsy cat and a stool to pull up to the cutting table with coloring book, and crayons my children also love our visits here. 

So with our kick-off post of “Out Kalooping”, here’s to local quilt shops that feel a bit like a personal studio, a bit like a cozy living room with fire in the fireplace, and a bit like pumpkin pie (yum!)!!!