Wednesday, July 7, 2010

For me?

A lot of sewing happens around here. For the home…for the kidlings…for the family…and once in a while…for me! Well, in truth you could say that the peace that the act of creating brings, and the daily us and enjoyment of mama made goods, makes each piece that makes it out of the studio is really for me! (Lucky mama!) But sometimes the sewing really is just for me!!


A friend lent me a vintage shirt dress pattern that I fell in love with and knew that I must make it. I used a delicious cotton shirting fabric from the clearance shelves at a local fabric store. A total score…except that it was a little short of what I needed for the dress. It turns out with vintage patterns what they say you need is what you need! (I often find with contemporary patterns that I end up with 1/8 – 1/4 yard extra fabric…which is great for the scrap basket!) Winging is very familiar territory for me so we muddled through and made some darling short sleeves with a little cuff detail. I fell in love with cuffs, pleats, collars, and plackets with this dress. I have met most of these guys before…but this time it was true love.


Shirt dresses, I have decided, are going to fill my closet! I am so excited to scout out more vintage (or contemporary) patterns. And the fabric options…limitless….and cotton!!! Easy and well behaved! I like that!

All in all it is a perfect lovely, breezy summer dress…perfect for barefeet and beloved red flats…perfect for evening walks…perfect for berry picking and baking pies…just perfect!

105_6854 105_6797


(this shot was taken by my dear sciencey husband…artsy huh!…though I think it may have been accidental!!!)

105_6813 105_6849105_6812

Ah sweet summer sewing!