Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A Bug Quilt for Zepherin

My sister is expecting a little boy soon.  This isn’t the first time she’s been expecting a little boy.  It’s the fourth actually!  (There’s a little miss in mix also…!) With so many fabulous older brothers he’s well endowed with hand-me-downs of all kinds.  Blankets and quilts used so very constantly with new babes often move up with the boy become treasured bits of years past leaving a spot in the blanket chest for special new creations for the very special new creation! 

In the studio, tucked away in a corner of guilt is a few quilt tops pieced together lovingly by my sisters and sister-in-laws for my nephews arrivals.  They are now 3, 7, and 9.  Shameful…I know!!!  I realize that none of you ever have this happen to you….so don’t judge too harshly!  They have been completed in time for little Zepherin to arrive…we’ll call them his “brother quilts”! 

Along with the “brother quilts” and a few simple cotton recieving blankets I made a small quilt for his cradle.  It went together as quick as a wink.  Seriously.  That’s about all the time I had too!


I gathered my fabric…cut it into strips…layed it out…sewed it together…cut out some bugs and stitched it all together.  The batting is a much higher loft than I like to work with…but it was a scrap left over from years past, was ready to go, and got me out of a trip to the store!  The longest step was the binding, which I hand stitched…only because I forgot to leave extra backing to do a fold over binding…because I was going too fast! 

 105_6919 105_6920 105_6921  105_6923 

I’m pretty happy with how it turned out.  Very calm and happy…just the right number of bugs…and perfect for a darling little boy.  It is always lovely to create for new babe.