Friday, June 18, 2010


In between a whole lot of this

June 109

we managed to find a bit of time to spend in the workshop recently.  Those poor tools…they’ve been quite depressed with the lack of company and appreciation.  And with all the sewing that’s been happening around here lately it was nice to change mediums for a bit.  Although the project did require some sewing too…! 

The littles have been dealing with a bit of a conundrum regarding the swings.  They love to swing…and love to play with their dolls and animal friends and give them turns with the swing.  But how to swing themselves and give the dolls a turn…?!?!  While this challenge was being discussed with emphatic hand gestures (oh my!) I came up with a simple little design for a doll swing that I thought I could pull off.  It turned out just as I hoped and everyone is very pleased to say the least.  The pattern is remarkably simple and it was quite easy to put together…even with four extra little hands and a constant stream of curious questions. 

We made two swings…because sometimes making two of something is just as easy as making one…and sometimes having two of something is much easier than having one! 

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I do so love to put some creative energy to use to inspire and bring joy to my children.