Tuesday, June 8, 2010


We spend a good deal of time in the kitchen together baking and creating meals together.  Mama and the littles, a bit of a mess, and lots of yummy goodness.  We do love it so!  The littles take it very seriously too.  They know their roles and fulfill them very enthusiastically.  One thing that is taken very seriously is the choosing of aprons.  This is no light matter!  Each time a different one is chosen from the collection with great deliberation.  Well…for one of them at least…!  The other is content (for now!!) to wear what is carefully selected for him by his sister!  Everyone likes to dress for a party…and as cooking is a regular party around here we do so love to dress for it!!

Recently we happened upon a church rummage sale in town.  We had so much fun poking and looking at all the treasures.  Tucked away on one of the tables was a stack of impeccably kept vintage aprons.  They were starched and ironed by a true 1950’s housewife in such a way that made me cringe at the apron drawer in my own kitchen that holds a slightly tangled but clean bundle of children’s aprons.  Ah well!  They were darling and we deliberated for quite a while before choosing two to come home with us.  We have a very happy little cook…who for the present is wearing them both!  June 052

I do believe there will be some pattern making from these little bits of loveliness!