Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Looking Up

I count myself very blessed that I can spend my days living, working, playing, and learning beside my two dear little ones. We enjoy our adventures together so very much. As they play more and more together rather than simply side by side I find myself looking up and seeing all sorts of new and silly adventures they find themselves on. They really are quite the pair.

I look up from my writing and see them constructing an impressive castle. I look up from my sewing and see them making a blanket fort, and a home for themselves and their stuffed “friends”. And sometimes I look up and see them making mischief together…which…though frustrating…is also quite endearing. And usually requires me to turn my head and laugh in secret before I turn around and be “the mom”. May 161

May 127

When we are not adventuring together I rely on these moments of “looking up” for reasons of safety, sanity, and, (my favorite) sentimentality. They are, most often, moving around me, around our home, and around our little bit of earth at an alarming pace. And part of me realizes that that pace is going to change my moments of looking up. Soon, all too soon, they won’t be circling me in their romps, calling from their new “home” in the tree, and coming barreling towards me with open arms at the same moment that I “look up” to see them.

May 129She fell and bumped her leg … so he had to rest and hold his leg too…can you see it! It’s adorable…and oh so constant!!!

I know it will change…much too soon. And somehow…somehow…knowing that helps with the moments, hours, days, and weeks, that find me looking up to bits of mischief, moments of insanity, too much little brother doing the exact same thing as the big sister, messes, and general “liveliness”! So for now…when I am not romping along with them, I “look up” and take mental (and sometimes real!) pictures of these early days of our family. And I am happy. Because they are happy. Free and happy, knowing that somewhere nearby their mother is looking up at them. May 162 May 165