Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The house that Dad built

Do you remember the moment you saw the man you love hold your little one in his arms for the first time? Whether at home, in the hospital, in a car!, or anywhere else it is likely a moment that is forever attached to the most tender part of your heart.  I treasure these memories.  Memories of seeing the man that I love in a new, and very beautiful role. 

Since the moment he (finally) held our little girl, after a very long and trying labor he has been a wonderful father.  Really!  I treasure the few years we have spent together raising this dynamic little duo!  And tucked away in my heart, along with the memories of the first moments he spent with each of our children, are moments such as these.   May 166May 168May 169Time spent in a magical place to our children, carefully lashing together a fairy house for their play.  Is there anything more endearing than a big tall man building a fairy house for his littles?!?!  May 180

In truth, when my eyes are truly open, and looking intentionally, I find endless moments of beauty in the simple moments our family spends together.   Each tucked away in my heart. 

May 185