Wednesday, April 21, 2010

New Things

Lined up in the attic on a brown sheet of recycled cardboard is 32 bars (and balls) of soap.  Handmade soap.  Made by my hands and others that I love.  For some of you dear readers this may seem like no big deal.  Something that happens in your own home on a regular basis.  For me however, the soap making process has been sitting up high on a shelf in my brain labeled…”too hard”, “unfamiliar”, “how in the world do I even begin”…!  Do you have shelves like that in your mind?  But it is there no longer and that is all that matters!  I still have oodles to learn and want to try so many different things.  And someday might even be able to do it on my own without someone guiding me each step!  But it was a start…a good start!  April 137April 136

What’s on your untouchable shelf?!?!  Whatever it is…it’s about time you brought it down!!!