Thursday, March 11, 2010


The thrifting fairies have been good to us. I think it might be the oodles of fairy-love vibes my own little 4 year old fairy puts out…and if anyone can put out a vibe that girl can!

February 232

We’ve been feeling spring all the way to our toes lately and couldn’t resist a set of wheels for the little toesies! Needing instant gratification for our springy purchase “we” shoveled off a section of patio from under the 18” of snow. Although that snow has been rapidly decreasing in the past few days it was making a serious stand the day we had our rolling adventure!

February 228February 230February 231February 233

That same snow had turned our entire yard into a giant white fondant encrusted cake. The snow (though still very deep) was completely crusted over…enough to hold me…that’s plenty strong! I’m sure you can imagine that you don’t need much of a hill to have fabulous sledding in those conditions. We do have a great hill (for your general non-extreme sports kind of sledders!) …and quickly adjusted our sledding strategies to match the day. Gone were any attempts to steer, or stop in a controlled manner. Enter “just-hold-on-and go-for-it” sledding. Kind of sounds like life sometimes…hmmm! February 239

(This looks so tame! She really is spinning down a pretty good hill at a pretty good speed!…I must say she perfected the “before-the-brambles” bailout marvelously)

It was spontaneous.

It was lots of silly fun.

And it was simple!

Remember…I can do simple.