Tuesday, March 23, 2010


I added a picture to yesterday’s post of our boy….and wow does he look like his Dad or what!!!

It’s (mostly) cold and wet, grey and dreary outside.  But oh so cozy and quiet (some of the time!) inside.  We’re enjoying the last few days indoors as winter squeezes out it’s last few drops of cold.  Cleaning, sorting, putting away, organizing and purging as we get ready for a season of gardening, outdoor living, harvesting, crafting (every season is for crafting is it not!!), and so much more!  We’ve been thoroughly enjoying the last of 2009’s pears.  Wow those go down fast!!!  Our thoughts are already turning to 2010’s canning and processing…and oh, do we have big plans!!! February 366February 365 Whatever the weather where you are I hope your days are happy and productive … full of happy memories from seasons past and hopeful thoughts for the seasons to come!