Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Postcards :: No. 4

Mud day!!! The “ digging spot” was turned into a mud wallowing hole…and wallow they did. (With complete Momma and Auntie approval by the way!!!)

While we came prepared for many different sorts of adventures we did not foresee such a muddy one! Hence the (joyful) wearing of the boys clothes…somehow it made it even a bit more fun!!!

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Mud jumping was a big hit!!!

Hannah's Visit 040

Yes…those are her pants!

Hannah's Visit 047

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A pretty penny is paid for mud treatments in the spas of New York City…but here in the Bronx these cousins enjoyed fully the immense benefits of all that mud. It was therapy for the senses, the mind, and the imagination. Oh…the joys of mud.

After many rinses!, and nice warm baths we had a very happy, very content, very fulfilled couch-ful of cousins…with magnificent pores!!

And no…I don’t think we were crazy! We stripped them down at the door and hosed down the trampoline and the clothes outside…as for washing all those muddy things…well what do they make those amazing fancy dancy washers for!!!

When’s the last time you have loved some mud!?!