Saturday, January 2, 2010

Another Beginning

Have I mentioned that I just love fresh starts.  A whole new beginning to something.  An opportunity to try a new approach to an old routine.  A chance to set goals and expectations…and this time meet them!  I really truly love the new year…or any chance to try something new.  (Which works out since our little family has had many fresh starts in new places over the years!)

We had such a fun silly time remembering all the joys that 2009 has brought to our little family.  It truly has been a remarkable year despite any (and all) challenges and setbacks.  We find ourselves settled nicely into a way of thinking and way of living that suits us perfectly right now.  Meaning we are so at peace with the way we nourish, teach, worship, love, and laugh together as a family.  And those things can be perfect no matter where you happen to live at the moment. 


We spent quite a few days away from home after Christmas visiting oh-so-many dear family members.  Boy-oh-boy do our children have a lot of uncles!!!  (And subsequently quite a few simply wonderful aunts!) The rhythm of a house still quite full with teenage boys and brimming with visiting family is adventuresome and so-much-fun.  Still, it was quite remarkable how quickly and peacefully our little ones settled back into their own daily rhythm of our own home.  Contented.  Peaceful.   And completely enthralled with all the handmade goodness received at Christmas.  What pure simple joy!

Welcome new year!  I cannot wait to see what you bring…and to share what we will bring you!!!