Tuesday, December 8, 2009

A Week of Christmas Cards :: Day 2. Painting

This set of card ideas is very special to me as one of the designs was the very first card that my daughter and I made together.  Making those cards was one of the first times we attempted the painting adventure!  I remember (as momma’s do) that day so clearly.  She was barely 2 years old and we stripped her down to her little diapered bum…which she didn’t mind a bit…and set everything up on the kitchen floor, (moppable…brilliant!!!) and painted “jus ike momma”!!!  It was so much fun!  More than fun though was the fulfillment of creating together.  Marvelous.  So much of our days is spent creating together now.  And it is still marvelous!


For these cards you will need:

*contact paper & scissors

*paint & brushes

*cardstock cut to your desired card size

*children’s artwork


Card 1.  Shades of Green

Tucked away in my hope chest are two cards that I saved, made in this same design by the first chubby little hands that graced my home.  They will forever be one of my favorite things.  So many times have her hands held a paintbrush since then…but thisthis was the beginning! 

Step 1.  Cut a triangle from a piece of contact paper approximately the same size as your card.


Step 2.  Peel the back off the contact paper and stick to the card.


Step 3.  Mix several shades of green paint.  (Putting our paint in a yellow bowl for this picture was a bad idea…it really is green I promise!!)


Step 4.  Paint the triangle with various shades of green.


Step 5.  When the paint is dry peel off the contact paper carefully.


Step 6.  With your finger (or a brush) paint a star and trunk on your tree. Write a short Holiday message underneath if desired.




Card 2.   Oh Holy Night

Oh Holy Night is by far my favorite Christmas Song.  (Depending on my mood or activity) I like music to soar, and to take me with it!  Oh Holy Night soars!!! 

Step 1.  Gather small scraps of contact paper.  Cut one large star and several small stars.  I cut very crooked star shapes (on purpose!) and really liked the effect.  So if absolutely symmetrical stars allude you than you should be all set with whatever you can do!!

Step 2.  Peel off the back of the contact paper and arrange on the card.  Cut a strip of contact paper and place on the paper where you would like the painting to stop.  (Unless you’re doing this on your own and not depending on the self control, and motor skills of a small child!!)


Step 3.   Paint the area with stars blue.  You may paint right over the contact paper stars as they peel off very easily.




Step 4.   When the paint is dry peel off the contact paper stars and border carefully. 


Step 5.  Write a short Holiday message if desired.



Card 3.  Watercolor Silent Night

Although any artwork can be used for this card I have found that the effect of watercolor is truly magnificent. 

Step 1.   Choose a watercolor painting from your stockpile of artwork and cut it to the size of your card.  Glue directly to the card. 


Step 2.   On a piece of contact paper the width of the card draw the horizon of a village on a hill.  (If the village is too much to ask a simple rolling hill is also very beautiful!)


Step 3.  Cut out your horizon line and keep the top. 


Step 4.   Place the horizon where you like it best and stick in on!


Step 5.   Paint the bottom portion of your card black.

Step 6.   When the paint has dried peel off the contact paper.105_4037

Step 7.  Cut out a star from contact paper and stick the border around the star onto your night sky. 


Step 8.   Paint the star yellow or gold.  Scatter small stars (dots!) all over the night sky.   105_4040              

I hope that you have enjoyed these card ideas and that they get your creative juices flowing.  Have fun holiday creating!!!

Stick around all week for A Week of Christmas Cards!!