Saturday, December 12, 2009

Vintage Swap Revisited

The Vintage Swap ended quite a while ago…and I seem to have never posted about the magnificent package I received from Kristen.  I pulled the fabric out again today to look it over and get it all sorted out and start working with it in my mind…there is so much work…the figuring out…prep work, etc…that has to happen in my mind before I can work productively in the studio.  So I am basically always working on something this way…part of me is always in the studio.  It is the answer to maximum productivity for me! 


Well…my plan to make a holiday apron with this lovely vintage fabric has evolved into plans to make two holiday aprons with this lovely vintage fabric.  It turns out she really really needs a holiday apron…just like mine.   The request was very sincere…and momma-daughter things are easy to oblige.  So…two holiday aprons it will be. 


And two Holiday Aprons it is!!!  I had a pattern in my stash that I used to make mine…and since my daughter wanted one “just like mine” I just “winged” it with hers.  I find myself “winging it” quite often..and I have to admit that the results are (extremely) variable.  This time however it went really well.  Remarkably well.  I just layed each pattern piece for my apron on the table next to the fabric for hers and tried to make the same shape but to her rough measurements.  (I know….drawing out a pattern would have been so much easier and more dependable…but we were going for aprons-from-start-to-finish-in-a-naptime!!!) I ended up having to trim the neck a bit but other than that I was right on!  (It is very helpful to have those crafting confidence boosters once in a while!)  Her apron does not have pleats, and the tie is a bit different…but other than that we’re quite matchy matchy!!!

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And we are off baking lots of goodies!!!! 

Thanks Kristen for the beautiful fabric.  Vintage and Christmassy without being covered in elves or Santas! Just perfect!