Sunday, December 6, 2009

St. Nicholas Day

Today the Christmas Season truly takes off for our family.  My father grew up in Germany and many of our dearest family traditions are from his heritage.  St. Nicholas Day has always seemed to mark the beginning of our Holiday celebrations.  Our tree goes up, our halls are decked, and the merriment begins!!  What a joyous season. 

This year we are planning on adding several new facets, and increased efforts to our celebrations.  Along with marking the traditions of other faiths and cultures, and enriching our solstice celebrations we will be creating opportunities to incorporate service, charity, and true kindness to those around us into each of our favorite holiday traditions.  Today as we look forward to the generous (and delicious) gifts from our beloved St. Nicholas we will deliver our own beautiful and delicious gift to a local Home that cares for so many in need.  That is, after all, the true spirit of the day.  How does your family give back during the season?!?! 

Happy St. Nicholas  Day friends.