Thursday, October 1, 2009


I have had some comments that the life portrayed on my blog seems blissful, perfect, idyllic even.  That some are envious about how much I seem to be able to create and accomplish. 

Well…let me squish that little bug!!! 

There are days when it seems the whole household moves from one meltdown to another…Mom not being exempt!!!  There are days when I wonder how I will make it to lunch…just like any other Mom.  But…there are joys…so many joys.  And that is why I blog.  And that is what I choose to blog about.  I have found that when I focus on the joys… in my thoughts, my writing, my creations, and my actions, than it is much easier to see that the joys of motherhood, and creating ,and life in general far  outweigh the challenges, disappointments, and meltdowns. 

Look for the joy.  It will be happy to see you!!!

I have found that creating is more than a love… it is a need.  And it is joy. 


Hannah 137

or this…


or this…all joy.


The joy of fabric…new and thrifted…all wonderful.

Hannah 164

The joy of homegrown produce used to make delicious food. 

Hannah 214

And…a new and ever increasing joy…the joy of boys. 

Hannah 023

What is that picture you ask…well…that is Uncle Nicks pencil case which was holding those pens, that calculator, and that class schedule…and was found in…yes…that toilet.  There really was only one suspect…but since it was a first offense…and because he gave us one of these grins during questioning…Hannah 207 …I have to admit the punishment was mild…mostly tickling to be honest (and a little talking to…don’t worry!). Oh the joy of boys!!!

Yes…amidst the challenges of any life there are great joys.  Look for them.  Find them.  Live for them!!!  It is the only way. 


A-Kap said...

Yes, I am envious of your talent and ability to create so much with two wee ones screaming in the background, but I have more, much more, admiration and appreciation than envy. I admire your focus on the joys. Your knowledge of yourself that this is what you need to do to keep your mind off the scary and difficult time you are going through. Your incredible ability to express your joys in ways that few people are able -- through your writing as well as your "handmade childhood" creations. You are an inspiration to many and you should be nothing but proud of yourself for all that you are accomplishing during this difficult time. Hang in there and keep living for those joys!!!!!!!

Unknown said...

it's what I refer to as the art of life.


stevlight said...

Beautifully phrased. One Joy leads to another to another--it is what I call "Positive Momentum"!

Laura said...

Just stopping by to tell you what a beautiful job you're doing with your blog. It's just lovely.

I completely agree with you that creating is a "need" for those of us who thoroughly enjoy it. And, your painted wall is fantastic!!!!!

Anne Thompson said...

I assume you are talking about our wonderfull nicolas evans in that picture with the stuff on the toliet. Can I just say that made me laugh for the longest time. Ohh goodness. That is just such a Nick thing to do...and by the way I love your blog. Its so cool! I aspire to be as crative as you!

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