Thursday, October 15, 2009

How to Make Happy Fall Cards

Fall 123

I have been overcome with the incredible colors falling all around us here and can’t stop taking pictures and sharing them!!!  For those of you in the middle of different seasons right now…just wait…fall will come to you sometime too!!

Fall 134

I’m thinking of hosting a “leaf jumping”party soon.  More details of the splendor to come!  Fall 119

Recently we made “Happy Fall”cards to send to dear family.  I cut drawing paper 3 1/2” x 10 1/2” which, when folded in half fits wonderfully into a standard envelope!  I drew a line lightly with pencil and each little (and big) thumb made a print.  We used basic acrylic stencil paint, which washes off easily and is non-toxic, etc!  When they were dry we erased the pencil line and we had four little pumpkins!  I drew a stem on one pumpkin and then gave the job to little hands while I went to tend to something.  When I came back we had very long pumpkin stems!!  Which was delightful!

Momma: “Wow…you did a great job with drawing all those lines.  Our pumpkins have tall stems now!!

Little Miss:  “Well…I like to do things differently than you sometimes Mom.”

…and that was that!!!

Fall 140

I was a little worried that they looked a bit more like upside down balloons than pumpkins so I drew very simply over them with black ink.  Somehow it was just what was needed and I really like the look of our little pumpkin family!  Fall 139

Fall 142We wrote a little “happy fall”message and sent them on their way!  It was a marvelous project!!!Fall 135

Fall 121


Heather said...

Oh those are too sweet. Thank you so much for sharing

Lisa said...

i'm in a homemade card exchange group. these cards would be perfect to make! thanks for the idea!

quirky granola girl said...

those cards are great! everyone loves getting real mail. that reminds me that i need to pick up stamps so i can get some mail out to my loved ones

Chris Worthy said...

That is so creative!!

Hannah said...

Thanks everyone!

Lisa - I'm so happy to see you here! Have fun with your card group. I'd love to see some of your favorites!

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