Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A Day…

Fall 356

There is a great focus on the handmade around here that’s for sure.  But today as I followed and played and discovered with my children, letting them lead and choose the flow of the day (not everyday do they choose the flow…but today this was best) we marveled at and enjoyed and were thankful for the work of other hands.  Great hands.  Divine hands.  And we were very happy! 

 Fall 359

Fall 345Fall 392 Fall 312 Fall 355  Fall 350

Can you see his scowl!!!  She was “encouraging” him to go back with her!!! (He won!…this time)

Fall 351 Fall 352 

We also noticed quite a bit of knitting!  On this counter, on this table, hanging in a tote here, ready for hands whenever hands, any hands, (they certainly won’t only be mine!) are ready to knit.  Warm, cozy, comfortable knitting. 

 Fall 360 Fall 362  Fall 364 Fall 366

Fall 368 Fall 371  Fall 375Happy day!!


Heather said...

amazing photos again! Enjoy a day for handmade goodness

quirky granola girl said...

I love the bird nest and milkweed photos!

valarie said...

The kids look so cute and happy. These are just beautiful photos. The knitting looks divine. Enjoy your day.

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