Saturday, September 26, 2009


Hannah 279 We have been enjoying these glorious early fall days immensely.  They may be the very best days of the year…besides the early days of spring, and the beautiful green summer days, and the fresh fallen snow days of winter….oh we love the changes of the earth!!!  What wonder!! 

These days have been spent at a different home than usual.  We have been with “the uncles”!!!  (More adventures to come!!)  A new place offers new delights, new wonders, new challenges of course, but still the glorious new fall days!!!!


Our days have been filled trying to jump to the clouds…Hannah 265 Hannah 266 

Looking for fairies in the “jungle”…Hannah 269 Hannah 273

And catching up with old friends before they leave for the winter…!Hannah 275

Among many many other things!!!

What has been filling your newly fall days???


Jocelyn said...

Hannah I am hust loving your pictures you have a great eye! speaking of faries, have you heard of a fairy door? It one of those minature doll house doors that you would put just to the side of you front door. Or in side the house placed somewhere specail! it is where the faries are able to come in! I think Rebecca would love it. here are a few examples: and

Hannah said...

A Handmade Childhood's Hannah says:
Jocelyn thanks for sharing those sites. They are darling. I think we need one!!!!

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