Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Cathedral Windows Revisited

I love cathedral window quilts.  Such a magnificent way to highlight beautiful fabrics…well scraps of beautiful fabrics at least!  So many of these beauts are made with muslins as a background, but I am loving a bright white instead.  cathedral windo quilt bumpers

I made cathedral window crib bumpers for my son’s crib when he was born.  I actually started it much before I knew if he was a he…so I just left a fair number of squares open so I could adjust the color scheme accordingly.

I did not have a pattern or directions for making a cathedral window quilt panel into a set of bumpers…so as usual…I found myself “winging” it!  I made the quilt panels to suit his crib…made ties and placed them with piping between the quilt and backing fabric…(right sides together)…sewed…turned…slid in the foam…stitched it all shut…and put them up!  I used foam instead of batting which makes them a bit more stable, which I like, but foam is a beast to sew through, which I don’t like…so I didn’t!!  You can see in the picture that they are sliding a bit…(the piping isn’t staying right on top)…because the three layers aren’t attached.  cathedral window quilt bumpers

So…a year later…I am tacking the three layers together by hand.  This adjustment is working out really well…they are now…perfect!!! 

Please tell me I am not the only one that has to go back and adjust projects that aren’t working out quite right?!

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Anonymous said...

Wow, that is fantastic! What a gorgeous sight for you son to when he first wakes. Great job adjustments or not.

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