Saturday, August 8, 2009

A Thrifted Birthday!

There is a science to thrifting…it’s fun, often exciting, very responsible, and totally worth it…but, oh it’s a science! I’ll share bits of my thrifting science with you as I blog. Not all at once…because face it…I want you to come back!

The first Science of Thrifting Tip: Some things must come home! It doesn’t matter if it’s not what you went looking for, or what you really wanted to find, or even what your thrifting pennies are supposed to be spent on. It must come home. And what is IT??? Things that you will not find again, at prices you won’t find again….this might be different for everyone. For me: HABA board games (actually HABA anything!) whether it’s the right age or not, vintage toys, wooden toys and children’s furniture, vintage linens, great board games, vintage furniture, etc. Yup…I’m a sucker for quality and unique toys and products for my kiddos…and vintage anything. In fact yesterday at a yard sale a fantastic vintage sheet caught my eye…but it was the table cloth for all the old videos they were actually selling…! When I asked if they would sell it I got quite the look of absolute puzzlement…but I’m used to that! (And now I own the sheet and am loving planning projects for it!)

So what to do with things that must come home and might not be the right age or season for my little ones? I keep a big box full of things I pick up to use as gifts when needed. It’s the first place I go when a gift is in order, when a new toy is needed during a stretch of rainy rainy indoor days, or just to sort and play and be excited about all of my great finds!!!

So..this week we will dip into that box for our little birthday boy. Some precious finds for a very precious boy!

P1020022 P1020017P1020023

These have been a ton of fun for Mom and Dad…!


I just love the leather and bead binding on this book! love love love it!