Saturday, August 29, 2009

Things That Stay the Same

Robinson Photos Aug 29 044

There are some things that remain the same.  There are some things the I do not want to ever change.  They are beginnings.  They are early memories.  They are foundations. 

There are two sets of hands whose lives have changed, whose homes have changed, but whose hands have remained the same.  They are hands that I love to have my children see and touch and be loved by.  To me, these hands are the beginning of something beautiful. 

Much of my ability and interest in art and creating things of beauty has come from these hands.  My Nana and Grandpa have beautiful and talented hands.  Grandpa can make anything with his hands.  Literally.  My mother always told us he was the strongest man in the world…and we believed her!! Robinson Photos Aug 29 018 Nana worked with needle and thread to place bits of beauty throughout the homes of so many loved ones.  Now she is never without skeins and skeins of yarn filling countless baskets with hats, mitts, balls, blankets, prayer shawls, etc for those in need. 

Robinson Photos Aug 29 058This is more than just two pairs of hands committed to handmade.  This is two pairs of hands creating a foundation of handmade for their children, for their children’s children, and now for my children.  And someday… (though I remain in denial that this will actually happen)  for my  children’s children. 

As important as a commitment to a life filled with handmade is the importance of knowing where it all began.  For each one it is different.  And maybe it is beginning with you. 

There are some things that remain the same…and that is exactly as it should be!    Robinson Photos Aug 29 026 Robinson Photos Aug 29 020This is a model of the African Queen that Grandpa is currently building.  He drew up the plans himself and is making it from scratch.

Robinson Photos Aug 29 039 

Built by him…stitched by her

Robinson Photos Aug 29 036

Robinson Photos Aug 29 043

Built by him…dusted by her!!!

Robinson Photos Aug 29 021Robinson Photos Aug 29 031

The “sticks” by Nana-Dears closet (the great grandkids call her Nana-Dear sooo sweet!).  A favorite place to dance, spin, and simply walk through!!!  (I really think that is the whole reason she has them there!!!)