Tuesday, August 11, 2009


A friend recently posted a great quote on her blog. I have been thinking about it so much recently.

“Insatiable curiosity will be our hallmark.” Henry B. Eyring

I want this for my children. I want this for myself. I have been thinking of ways to foster curiosity in my little ones, curiosity for all things, curiosity for all people, curiosity for the wide wide world…insatiable curiosity in fact!

Well…today while we were working in the garden we chanced upon something very curious…very curious and very icky! But to my wide eyed 3 year old it was marvelous and interesting…and as her mother I was captivated and excited with her. (But as just me…I was totally grossed out. Amazed…but grossed out!)

At our dinner table “yuck”, and “eeewww”, are not food words…they are slug words! And you are about to see why. We happened across the mother-of-all-slugs today by the garden. She was huge and pretty incredible….and she was laying eggs. We watched, we marveled, we asked questions, we were very curious, but we did not touch!

Robinson Photos Aug 11 006 Robinson Photos Aug 11 007

The eggs were coming out here at the side of her neck(?). Very interesting. I really have no knowledge of slug anatomy or reproduction (if you’re interested you can look here), actually most of my knowledge base about slugs involves how to best get rid of them!

Robinson Photos Aug 11 005

Robinson Photos Aug 11 010 She was huge and amazing and was a great learning experience for little minds…but we really didn’t want her near the garden. We were very merciful and let her slug onto a rhubarb leaf (which incredibly are still producing healthy stalks) and left her in the hedge row.

After all that slugginess here is something beautiful to leave you with.

Robinson Photos Aug 9 208


Hannah said...

Ahhhh, there are so many kinds of beauty! Love, Mom

stevlight said...

SLUGS!!! So cool. Slimey AND beautiful!!

Unknown said...

Ethan says he wishes he had been there to see it and is wondering if the slug will still be there when we visit. After all, "slugs are really slow Mom!"...

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