Wednesday, February 15, 2012

How to Make Worry Dolls

As part of our curriculum this year we are doing a wonderful geography program.  I stumbled upon it sometime last year and was so excited to use it this year with the kidlings in school.  They both love maps and globes and we have a fantastic time exploring the world together from our home.  While I hope traveling as a family is something we can do someday, for right now we rely on the vast media resources available to build a global perspective for two little souls in eastern MA.

Currently we are exploring Panama, which, for today, included learning about and creating worry dolls.  The legend, or idea behind these lovely little dolls, is to hand make them, tell them all your worries, place them beneath your pillow as you go to bed, and in the morning all those worries will be gone.  A beautiful thought.IMG_0889

We made our worry dolls with old fashioned clothes pins as a base.  I split tongue depressors and trimmed them to the right length to be little arms and attached them with a bit of hot glue.  IMG_0882

IMG_0886At this point I stopped to take a look at the sweet babe sleeping away on the bean bag.  IMG_0902

Okay…back to work!  Starting with a bit of hot glue to secure the end we wrapped embroidery floss around our dolls to create their clothing.  Becca opted to use a fabric scrap for a skirt, (attached with hot glue) which I think turned out darling.  The dolls worked up very quickly and easily…I’m thinking many more will be dancing around our home soon.  For, as it turns out, worry dolls are excellent dancers and for two little loves who don’t seem to have worries to share with their dolls, dancing is the next best thing to use them for.  Oh to be a child!!!