Monday, February 27, 2012

Little Girls Mesenger Bag


Okay…so you may be tiring of posts dedicated to this book…but I do so love it!!!  This time I bring you the most darling of all messenger bags!  It started out as an attempt at a smallish diaper bag…but didn’t make the cut, and was gleefully claimed by Rebecca.  And to be honest, once I saw it on her and how much fun she had determining just what to put in each little pocket for her adventures I couldn’t imagine it being anything but her bag.   Which still leaves me searching for the perfect diaper bag, and my eye is now out for a vintage travel bag that sings to my soul as a diaper bag. 

I followed the directions (which is big for me as I tend to stray from original patterns to suit my own devices!) to make the largest bag deviating only a bit to add a little ruffle…couldn’t help it!  It is just right for our little miss!!