Thursday, September 22, 2011

Alphabet Rocks

We’re just getting to the point where a bowl of pretty things put on the low table in the living room isn’t immediately emptied and its contents rapidly and expertly dispersed throughout the house. It’s so refreshing to be past that point!  We’re also just getting to the point where letters are being joyfully recognized by the little man cub and the path to the infinite world of literacy is just beginning.  Also a beautiful and miraculous point to be at.  Being at these two points made the creation of a bowl of alphabet rocks more of a need than a little extra project to put before sweeping the kitchen floor!!IMG_0384

The idea isn’t original.  I would love to say that it is…but it’s not!  It is swimming around in the pool of pinterest genius images that fills my brain these days.  The original alphabet rocks (as far as I know!!!) are found here.  Admitedly hers are higher up on the cuteness scale…but then again…there was a kitchen floor desperately calling my name…!  Super cute, or just plain cute, they work just the same and have been a huge hit around here.  I picked up a few bags of decorative rocks from the Dollar Tree for, yup, a dollar(!), and painted them with acrylic paint.  I used mod-podge to seal the deal so the letters would flake off with use.  Soon to come are lower-case versions of the letters on the flip side of each rock.  Soon! 

As for right now, they are happily living on the living room table, often spread out in words (if played with by Rebecca), or neat orderly rows of commonalities…color of rock, color of letter, or the letter itself…(if played with by Spencer).  I just love having something out that can be played with and explored without invitation or permission, and happening upon it later in the day to discover the sweet evidence of independent exploration.  Love it!  IMG_0383