Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Book Nook

I like nooks.  Cozy little spots to be.  Living in an old house has it’s down-falls….but the character and nooks more than make up for it. 

As you leave the kitchen area and head toward the bedrooms there are two nooks.  One holds a small school desk used by the little miss, and a bulletin board posting her most favorite “pinnable” things!  She loves this bulletin board…though I have to admit she is almost as much in love with the new “pinterest” boards we’ve been creating as I am!!!

Across from the desk is a smaller nook, tucked under a built-in (one of the best things about old houses are the built-ins!!!) cabinet is the “Book Nook”.  From the moment I saw this nook I knew it needed to be something cozy and special for the littles.  I also knew I needed a specific place to host the massive collection of library books that circulate through our home.  And the “Book Nook” was born.  IMG_0327

For many many months it held the bare minimum for its function…a small rocker, a crate acting as a book case, and the library bags stuffed behind it.  But it worked…many a time I can find a little or two tucked in there looking through books and escaping into faraway worlds when they need a break from their own.  Lately however, the uninspiring look of the nook has been itching at my creative soul, and finally I had to act.  I started by changing the blah color of the book crate to a cheery aqua blue that I had taken out for another project that I am so excited to share soon!  What a difference that blue made!  I knew I wanted something on the wall and decided on a “library book” quilt.  Basically scrappy strips of all different colors between white sashing to resemble shelves full of books.  It’s not an original idea…by the way!!  With the quilt hung and a hook made for the library bags to hang, and a cozy friend to join the readers the Book Nook was finally fulfilling it’s potential.  Now all we need is the perfect lighting solution. 

We do love a good nook!