Monday, June 27, 2011

The Big Show

Last fall we decided to enroll our little twinkle toes in dance class. After our move we took our time choosing a new studio to enroll her in. We ended up choosing The Little Gym based on their philosophy toward dance education. Lots of emphasis on confidence, rhythm, coordination, and development of happy whole little dancers along with the standard dance and gymnastic skills. Becca’s classes were small and taught by a phenomenal dancer/veterinary student(!). The culminating performance at the end of The Little Gym season is called “The Big Show”, where these little performers dance their little hearts out in their own costumes and in their own studio. As the mother of this little starburst I couldn’t have been more proud and filled with joy. and as an enthusiast for pure childhood and natural learning I couldn’t think of a better place for children to soar.

Costumes were up to the creative genius of the dancers, and we had a lot of fun making Becca’s. Admittedly tame for for her regular dance attire, she was surprising specific about just what a “Big Show” dance outfit should be. Enter simple ribbon and massive pink flower tacked onto a favorite tutu. I can do that!!

In our (read: their) favorite “pose so mom can take the picture and we can go” spot with her loyal side kick close beside as always (with his supply of matchbox cars of course!!!)IMG_9741

And on top of the world receiving her “gold” medal after her fabulous show. Yay Big Show!!!


And for those of you who need a bit more (Mom!) check out the little photo album below.