Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Sweet sweet summer!!

Although the days and days of rain that we recently struggled through were tough, I am strangely grateful for them. For after the rain, the sun…, oh the sweet sweet sun is even more brilliant and more invigorating, and fills us with more summer than week long stretches of such beautiful weather. (Though we wouldn’t say no to such weather at all!!!!)

Some of my favorite moments during the day are looking out across the yard, or out the window, or up from my work to see my children running and playing so happily in their world. They were born to run barefoot and free. And run they do (so long as they are in the tick free, poison ivy free parts of the yard…!) There are lovely growing things all throughout the yard. Some are taking off beautifully, some are struggling against the army of chipmunks that live in our rock walls, but everything is green, and growing. But far surpassing the miracle and beauty of the life springing up and thriving all around us, are the two little lives that are blooming and growing, soaking in the warmth of the sun and the nutrients of the sweet earth beneath their bare toes, forming truly truly beautiful souls. Yes, there certainly are lovely growing things in my yard!