Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Baby Blanket

I have three friends having summer babies this year.  There’s nothing like joining with friends to welcome a new baby.   A proper welcome just seems to require something homemade does it not…!?!?!  I have been picking up fabric for these babies welcome here and there for several months.  But boy-oh-boy did the “welcome” sneak up on me with the fabric still nicely folded in its original (but thankfully washed!) state.  We whipped together a great little blanket in no time…and I say we, because this type of immediate sewing requires the help and cooperation of everyone, even , especially, the littlest of Robinsons.  Having had my own summer baby I knew the magic of a “no-batting” blanket.   Simply cotton on cotton was perfect weight for swaddling up a new babe in the heat of summer.  I did add a bit of minky fleece as it is simply divine!  IMG_9579

Here’s a quick little run through of a quick little blanket. 

1.  Folded down one corner of a one yard cut of fabric to make a square.  Cut off the extra.IMG_9581  IMG_9580

2.  Laid out the minky fleece on top of the cotton to get an idea of how big of borders I needed.  (I knew the fleece wasn’t big enough to be a full backing so chose a cute stripe/polka dot print for wide borders.)IMG_9582

3.  Ripped four lengths for the borders.  Tearing the fabric will give perfectly straight (and awfully quick!) strips when you’re in a hurry.  IMG_9583

4.  Pinned and stitched, and then top stitched the borders.IMG_9584

5.  Laid the two sides on top of each other with right sides together and stitched all around the edges leaving a few inches for turning.  IMG_9585

6.  Clipped corners and turned right side out.

7.  Top stitched the edges. 

8.  Wrapped it up in a bundle with a few other baby goodies, tied on a wide ribbon and off we went to the “welcome”!!!!