Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Autumn has returned.  As I enter the second round of seasons on this blog I marvel at the rhythm of the earth that appear even a bit more present when documented here.  I peek back and am grateful for this blog….and for each of you.  Yes, autumn has returned and though it is a bit mushy here right now the crispness in the air just a short time ago is still so invigorating.  On a perfectly crisp day last week we celebrated a much anticipated return of one of our most favorite people who was away for a bit.  Oh boy did they welcome him!!!   What ensued was just the sort of body tossing wrestling that takes the breath out of watching mama’s, is so carefully controlled by strong dada’s (see Mom…he’s supporting their necks and backs the whole time….!), and fills little ones with utter glee.  We do love the return of all that we love this season! 

September 072September 070September 093 September 094  September 100September 085 September 088 I also returned for the second edition of those perfect vintage pants.  This time with a repurposed pair of khakis and the last bit of a delightful floral print, and a bit of vintage lace.  True…it didn’t bring quite the response that his  return did…but I loved every minute of it.  Oh…and I’m returning to that pattern again this week too…seriously…they are the perfect vintage pants! 

September 056

September 003