Thursday, October 7, 2010

Cloudy Days

There have been bursts of bright fall air amidst a very steady presence of cloudy rainy rawness.  We’re living for those beautiful bursts, yet enjoying the cozy indoor time we have been driven to.  We’ve been exploring weather as we witness the great change in seasons here.  I think we’ll have little meteorologists here in no time at all.  Right now they are loving announcing the weather and the type of clouds out each day.

We scoured our library for great books on weather of all types and in all seasons and were captivated with clouds.  So we went with it.  We have been reading about, drawing, staring into, and “creating”clouds quite joyfully. 

This activity came as a burst of inspiration (the likes of which I am so grateful for as a mama!) as we were getting out the art supplies to “make”clouds.  With a bit of poly-fill, glue, and construction paper we made pictures of the three main varieties of clouds.  Cirrus, Stratus, and Cumulus.  She loved it and they now hang in our enclosed porch to be used as a reference when she checks the weather each day. Super easy, super simply, just plain super! 

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