Monday, October 4, 2010

Filling a Weekend

IMG_6586a Twice a year, all over the world, families that share the same faith that is so central to my own family gather together to join in a general conference. It is a weekend filled with the beautiful things of the soul. Inspired words spoken by inspired people build and uplift all that hear. It is a weekend filled with interspection and self awareness. A time to focus on just where you are and where you would like to be….and just how to proceed to that place.

I do not share the beliefs that are so dear to my heart in this space very often. (It’s meant to be a space that unites women, mothers, and creators simply because we are that…women, mothers and creators…and not because of the many other things that we may be!!) Many of you, however, share the faith that is foundational to my own family. Many more of you do not. Whatever the beliefs that your family holds, and wherever your family finds itself, the practice of filling a weekend with things spiritual rather than temporal is rich indeed. Perhaps this brings you to holy ground. Perhaps to the magnificent and breathtaking beauties of the earth. Perhaps to a simple table surrounded by the faces and souls that you hold most dear. Wherever it brings you is sure to make a lasting impression on the very fiber of your family. Whether it fills a weekend, an hour, or a moment here and there…it will fill. And it is just so good to be full.