Thursday, October 8, 2009


When I was still quite young (…I know…I’m not that old now) and in college, I fell in love with a very cute boy.  And somehow I knew myself a little bit better.  He is the only boy I have ever loved…but I have had, and continue to have, love affairs with things I can make with my hands.

 Robinson Photos Aug 13 016Each time I discover a new way to make things for my children and fall in love with a new craft I know myself a bit more.

I want to tell you about my newest love. 

When my daughter was born she was the first grand-daughter after 5 boys on one side….and the very first grandchild on the other.  Needless to say she was the recipient of a shameless amount of delightful gifts.  One of these gifts was a handmade “Baba” doll made from a kit from Magic Cabin Dolls, made of the softest minky fleece.  Robinson Photos Sept. 3 006 It was her Bella and she has slept with it every night since she was born…until….it was somehow…tragically…lost in the move.  I think I was as heartbroken as she. 

Well…I have been making her a new Bella…and have high hopes of it being done for her fourth birthday tomorrow. 

And I have completely fallen in love with doll-making.  I made another Waldorf Doll from a Magic Cabin kit for her first christmas, but that was just a minor flirtation…just a fling….this is real!  I am in love!  And I know a little bit more about myself now!  I never knew “Hannah-the-doll-maker”!!!   But I really like her…she’s great!!! 

I’m using the same pattern that the original Bella was made from.Robinson Photos Sept. 3 007 Robinson Photos Sept. 3 008 The instructions are very thorough and though most of the concepts are new it is going *rather* smoothly!!!  It is so marvelous to see a doll with a sweet personality take form in bits of cotton and wool. Robinson Photos Sept. 3 011   Robinson Photos Sept. 3 015I know I am creating a long-lost, and very dear friend for my little girl and that is so fulfilling!!! 


Anonymous said...

That doll is so sweet. Your girl is one very lucky little lady!

Heather said...

Oh that is so sweet! We are trying for another baby, and if we are lucky enough to have a girl, I may just join you in this passion for doll making.

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