Wednesday, October 7, 2009

“Mom…he’s messing up the nature!”

The nature table received a new addition yesterday.  Grandpa…as usual…was looking out for our little girl and brought home a real treasure…a chestnut seed pod.  A green, spikey, delightful bit of nature!!!   

Robinson Photos Sept. 3 614 

We discovered, and marveled, and were curious about its needle sharp prickles and found it a nice safe home (more to keep the littlest fingers safe than to keep it safe!) on the nature table.  The littlest fingers were still very interested and worked very hard to get it down…in the meantime disrupting the perfect arrangement of the other nature.  “Mom…he’s messing up the nature!”                  

Robinson Photos Sept. 3 600

(The past few days we have been switching out summer clothes for fall/winter ones…as its finally that time, and summer clothes were consistently, and inappropriately being insisted upon.  Now we are choosing to wear as many layers of fall delights as possible…what can you do but take a picture and chuckle!!!!)

Robinson Photos Sept. 3 573 Robinson Photos Sept. 3 575

We found a fairy castle in the woods the other day.  It really is magnificent.  Much effort has been put into furthering its beauty!!!  Having a resident expert on exactly what fairies like has been a definite asset!! 

There were some pretty serious attacks made (in the effort of helping) by Sir Destructo during the decorating. It turns out fairies are not very friendly towards efforts that jeopardize aesthetics…no matter how handsome or noble!!! 

Robinson Photos Sept. 3 611   Robinson Photos Sept. 3 608

Ah well…I think this project will be “just with momma” from now on which will be delightful!!!  There is nothing that can replace a little spot in the woods all your own to simply be.  Ah…to be a child.

Robinson Photos Sept. 3 610Robinson Photos Sept. 3 613

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Sara said...

Sigh. I think all children should be able to live that close to some woods. I got my fair share growing up at our cabin, but I wonder if my kids will get to be outside so much...

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