Friday, October 9, 2009


Robinson Photos Sept. 3 444

We had a birthday here today!!!  *Four*  It seem so BIG!!!  So capable and ready, so curious and knowing, so wonderful!!! 

As a mother I cannot help but think back to her birth day on this very special day.  Oh how I fell in love with my very first, very perfect, rosy rosy pink skinned girl!!!  If there is such a thing as love at first sight that was it!!!  It was knowing myself on a completely new level.  Mother filled me.  I never knew there was something missing in my soul…but this was it…I was meant to be her mother.  It was unexpected.  It was new.  It was overwhelming.  It was perfect

There was lots of unexpecteds it turns out.  Like how such an enormous personality fit inside that tiny little body.  But…oh it is bursting out all over!!!  She is a spirited child if there ever was one.  More intense, sensitive, perceptive, persistent, and energetic.  How truly amazing and wonderful to be her mother!!! 

Some of my favorite glimpses into such a full and joyful life!!!!!

Robinson Photos Sept. 3 034 

Bounty from a birthday trip to the garden with Grandpa!!

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I did finish the Bella Baba doll and it was an enormous hit.  There are no words for the utter joy with which it was received.  A truly beloved doll!  Robinson Photos Sept. 3 053

I also made a pillowcase using some fantastic vintage cotton and the same minky fleece that was used on the Bella doll.  It was a very simple pillowcase with a large minky patch for extra soft sleeping!!!  

Robinson Photos Sept. 3 023  Robinson Photos Sept. 3 022

Robinson Photos Sept. 3 020Happy birthday my sweet darling joy of a girl!!!

Robinson Photos Sept. 3 056

Oreo cookie cake with Buttercream frosting


kendra said...

gorgeous photos, happy birth day!!!

elizabeth ~ so wabi sabi said...

I love the rainboots and butterfly wings picture. That baby turned out so beautiful...I can feel how soft she/he must be.

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