Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Castle Playground

We love libraries and playgrounds!  They both offer infinite sources of creativity, imagination, delight, play, learning…and so much more.  In fact…I am willing to travel a reasonable distance for a quality library or playground.  Well….while with “the uncles” we have discovered a fabulous playground.  My husband played on it growing up and they called it the castle playground…which suited our little fairy just fine.  It has been a huge hit for mom and kidlings alike.  So much scope for the imagination!!! 




Even the rocks were enjoyed. 

105_2376 105_2443  105_2380 105_2378


More often than not he knocked her over on the back-swing!  It was very entertaining (just a bit of silly fun)…and she felt very big for being able to push and help him…so very almost four!!!


Not quite in tune…even for my very untrained ears…but beautiful music was made nonetheless!!!


He followed her up and down and around all over the park…completely wearing through a pair of knees.  Oh well…one less thing to wash!!!

105_2398 105_2399   105_2402 105_2401105_2400105_2403   

We played and played.  Then sat in the “dungeon” (every castle must have a dungeon after all) and looked for shapes in the playground…wondered about the different types of trees we could see…asked questions about all the colors and textures around us…and truly discovered our castle park!!!!


We even go to see something go by on the train tracks!!! 

105_2429  105_2431  105_2435


Heather said...

What a lovely spider web.
Looks like a great time spent outside playing.

Lily Boot said...

what a wonderful park! we too are prepared to drive for a good park - the hours of imaginative play they provide is such a joy to watch. Great spider's web.

Kristen said...

that is a pretty awesome spider web. I have to show that picture to my daughter tomorrow. Her favorite book now is "The Very Busy Spider" by Eric Carle. She will love it.

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