Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Thrifted Wonders

Have you read this?!?!  I think it is fantastic and have recommitted to focusing on fostering an open-minded, global perspective within our family.  I love recommitting to things…efforts get stale sometimes and a new push is always nice! 

I have been thinking more and more about the big homeschool questions lately.  Have I talked to you about this yet?  Well…as it happened we moved after the cutoff date for getting our daughter into a preschool program so have had this years decision made for us.  It has kind of turned out to be a blessing as it has really let me see what joy it is to homeschool. 

I have been doing quite a bit of research and discovering resources on the subject.  I was very excited to find this.  I love love love  Maria Montessori and am convinced we would have been best friends!!!  I have a lot of best friends that I have never actually met!!!  My wallet however is not on such friendly terms with her schools however…so I am always on the lookout for resources that will help me incorporate her principles in our lives.  

Hannah 016

Sooo….I have been keeping my eyes open for launching points lately.  Questions, interests, etc., that will help us launch into learning and researching adventures.  They are everywhere  especially with a child that asks as many questions as mine does.  Sometimes I know the answer but work with her to find out on her own…sometimes I am totally stumped…like “how do bees and wasps make their nests….and how do bees make honey”….really no idea!!!!   But soon I will know…!  Maybe I’ll even share it here!!!  In the spirit of launch points and fostering a global perspective we happened upon a true treasure while thrifting for the Vintage Swap the other day. 

Hannah 012  Hannah 015Hannah 011  Hannah 014Aren’t they magnificent!!!  Sorry Kristen…but these aren’t going to be swapped!  They beg to be asked about, touched, wondered about, and discovered.  They were handmade by another talented artist all the way around the world.  They were used by people living such a different life than our own.  They represent a completely different culture.  In a small way they bring a bit of global perspective into our lives every time they are looked at, handled, and tried on.  What a treasure. 

Now… I have a child that asks questions from the instant that she wakes up until she falls asleep at night.  This is not an exaggeration!!   And while it is completely exhausting at times…and sometimes even makes me dizzy…it is the key to a child’s love of learning.  A child must ask questions, and they must be made to feel that their questions are worth answering.  The rewards of wondering, questioning, and discovering answers are timeless and limitless.  It is childhood…and it is wonderful.  It opens up such a beautiful world of discovery!!


While thrifting we also found these….which miraculously I left there!  As adorable as they were I couldn’t (oh..and I tried) find a legitimate need (or space) for them…!!  But to tell you the truth…I might go back today and see if they still want to come home with me!!!105_2347

This piece of work made me chuckle…some vintage things should stay in the past!!! 105_2350 105_2351

And two darling skirts of delicious fabrics that beg to inspire!!!



It was a very happy thrifting day!!!  And a wonderful launching point!!

Happy questioning!!!


elizabeth ~ so wabi sabi said...

those are some wonderful finds...those shoes...who would have given away those shoes.

Anonymous said...

Oh how I love to thrift....finances are getting better with the children growing faster and faster, but I don't think I'll ever give up the thrill of the thrift. Thrifting got me through many times when, not being able to afford the mall, I walked into the Sal, GW or Saver's and said....alright anything you want. What a liberating treat its been. LOVE YOUR BLOG.
;) liz

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