Thursday, September 3, 2009

All Done…Almost!!!

Here it is…the once-a-mom’s-skirt-now-a-little-girl’s jumper!!  (I still need to snip a few threads…I’m telling you I really really don’t like that job!)

Robinson Photos Sept. 3 001Robinson Photos Sept. 3 006As you can see I left on the seams and original hem from the skirt.  I cut the skirt up the back from the slit, laid it out flat, then treated it like a piece of fabric…allowing any seams, etc to fit into the new jumper.  The embellishments were very easy and very fun!  I used the flannel I chose for the lining, and a few other coordinating prints and simply cut a few circles…chose some yummy vintage buttons…pinned…stitched…free-hand stitched some leaves…and viola!!!  So much fun to make…and let me tell you it was a big hit with my little miss!! Robinson Photos Sept. 3 003Robinson Photos Sept. 3 008Paired with some funky tights and a cute top and we are all set!!!  (I’m sure we’ll even see it with those lovely galoshes some days!!) 

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Wendy said...

Way too cute and what a good idea for my skirts.

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