Friday, September 4, 2009

Sand…Sun…and Pumpkins!!

First…a pumpkin update!!  It’s huge…and keeps getting bigger every time it’s checked on, which is often!!!  And…(drumroll please…we are starting to see some orange!!!)

Robinson Photos Sept. 2 021

We have been enjoying simply glorious (there’s no other word for it) weather.  Sunny, perfect temperature, a bit of crispness…bliss!!!  So…we have been spending a lot of time outside…and a lot of that time in the sandbox.  There is something magical about a sandbox.  It fills so many sensory needs in a child and can captivate, entertain, and delight for hours! (Literally…and I have very active children!) 

Robinson Photos Sept. 2 092 Robinson Photos Sept. 2 094 Robinson Photos Sept. 2 007 Robinson Photos Sept. 2 011 Robinson Photos Sept. 2 079 Robinson Photos Sept. 2 089

If you don’t have one…get one…if you live somewhere where it is not possible to have one outside…make one in a big storage tub and play with it inside…it’s worth it!  (If sand is too much to swallow for inside playing you can fill a big tub with dry beans, beads, and little trinkets for searching, sorting, sifting, and connecting…has all the same wonderful effects as a sandbox!!!)