Thursday, September 3, 2009


There has been a movement towards more responsible living in the past few years that has been truly remarkable.  All of a sudden it is hip and trendy to recycle, up cycle, thrift, grow it yourself, make it yourself, etc.  It is wonderful. 

Around these parts it is a part of our lives that we are very conscious about and work hard at.  It is always nice when something responsible and beneficial is also a lot of fun (for me at least).  So…in the name of reduce…re-use…recycle, I have been (and will be…!) making pinafores, jumpers, shirts, and skirts for my little girl out of repurposed, thrifted, or responsibly purchased (from the local Amish store) fabric.  We are layering girls around here and these jumpers and pinafores will be worn during these last few hot days, then with leggings or jeans, over turtle necks, under cardigans, every possible day until spring comes again!!  Its marvelous. 

I turned this corduroy skirt (from my skrawny high school days) into a darling toy rattle (from here ) and a sweet jumper.  I used a pattern for the jumper that my mother used to make jumpers for me when I was little.  There is something so fulfilling and timeless about sitting down and sewing for my little one with a pattern that my mother used when she sat down and sewed a jumper her little one…me.   (I’ll share picture of the finished project soon.)

Robinson Photos Sept. 2 067 Robinson Photos Sept. 2 136  Robinson Photos Sept. 2 141 Robinson Photos Sept. 2 144

My sewing time is naptime…or after bedtime…and often very interrupted…so is usually made up of 10-15 minute stretches (if I’m lucky)…sometimes back to back (if I’m very lucky)!!!

So…I’ve figured out a trick that helps save me a few minutes when I’m getting back into sewing.  I leave a little note on my project or on the sewing machine when I have to stop so that when I get back into it I can pick up faster.  Genius!! Making a mental note does not work for me…once I leave the sewing room it’s gone!  It’s a little thing…but I’m loving it!

(Oh…and that note pad is from an absolutely fabulous fabric and antique store in Medina NY.  If you are ever in the area…make it a must see!!)


And more patterns and fabric all ready to go!!

Robinson Photos Sept. 2 139