Monday, August 31, 2009

Shoes…in a literal, not metaphoric sense

Robinson Photos Aug 29 097

It would not be original, new, or even interesting to admit that I, as a girl, love shoes.  So I won’t.  (but I do!!!) 

I once heard the advice to always have a quality mattress and quality shoes…because if you are not in one, you are in the other!  Very good advice don’t you think?!

Robinson Photos Aug 29 077

We have a couple of new pairs of shoes in our home that I wanted to introduce to you.  Shoes are one part of my life that is not handmade.  Slippers, yes…shoes, no.  There are just so many fabulous pairs already made to choose from!!!  Well…the two new pairs of shoes have been met great enthusiasm. 

One little sir got his very first pair of big boy shoes.  This tall little man has got a serious set of feet and grew out of every pre-walking shoe available.  He was barefoot for quite a while before he had a solid enough walk to put him in sneakers.  (in reality though…I really like my babies barefoot as much as possible…so many things to feel and learn about through those sensitive little feet!) 

Robinson Photos Aug 29 068

One little miss got yet another pair of galoshes.  They are definitely the preferred choice in footwear!  They slip on and off so quickly and she can (and will) walk through anything in them.  Actually on sunday she was convinced that they were the perfect choice to wear with her (fanciest…and satin) yellow dress…because afterall they are yellow too!

Robinson Photos Aug 29 096Oh yes…we do enjoy our shoes!


Lisa said...

cute blog hannah! I love the yellow galoshes. We love rain boots here too for the same reasons!

Sara said...

Hannah, my dear, what state are you in, exactly? I am finally updating my bloglinks, and I can't remember. NY? NH?
Anyway, I love your blog. Sorry that I don't often comment. I can't believe you've only been doing it about a month - you are a super blogger! The things you make are so neat, and I enjoy seeing them. You'll be happy to know I actually used my sewing machine (2nd time since I got it for Christmas...sigh) and it only took me 40 minutes to get it working. But I am making a blanket (we cannot call it a quilt) and I plan to make at least one of my children's Halloween costumes this year. Baby steps, right? The computer, and digital scrapbooking and video editing are really my thing. Family history, yes, but not as cool as your chosen area of creation. :) Keep the posts coming!

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