Tuesday, September 1, 2009



There is something about a little dollhouse filled with little furniture and little people that draws little girls like moms to ice cream.  Its simply beautiful to watch a little one get completely lost in the world created by a dollhouse.  I made my daughter her first on when she was less than 2.  It is very simple, inspired by a photo I saw…and for the life of me cannot find again.  I drew up a basic plan for construction and my father helped me build it and fill it! It was the beginning of my fascination with two things…creating dollhouses (from scratch or refinishing), and creating wooden toys for my children. 



The dolls are painted awake on one side and asleep on the other.  I was worried that this wouldn’t translate for my little one….silly mom…it’s completely real for her! 

I used pine so it is definitely showing it wear!  Which I love.  It’s very light and quite small (~18” tall) so can be carried around by her easily…and completely knocked over and dumped out by him!!!  (When he does this…frequently…she calls him Sir Destructo!!!…so cute!)


So….there is a new dollhouse in our neighborhood.  (To add to the colonial style one in the attic that needs furnishings …the scandanavian one in the playroom…and the little one in the nursery)  Yes…we admit we have a problem.  But are not about to change…its too much fun!

This one was handbuilt by some lucky little girls dad decades ago…and is going to be darling!  It needs some work but we (the litttle miss and I) are excited to sand and paint together!

Robinson Photos Aug 25 001

The walls and floor were papered in fantastic vintage florals…which unfortunately are in disrepair and have been voted out.  I’m going to keep the papered look…but with some fantastic Amy Butler paper.  Oh…it’s going to be delightful!!!

Robinson Photos Aug 25 005

Robinson Photos Aug 25 007 Robinson Photos Aug 25 008