Sunday, August 30, 2009

A Visit to History…and Taking it Home…

I love to visit places that teach, reiterate, and celebrate the philosophies that I hold fast to, and new ones that I am waiting to love and incorporate in my families life.  This search often takes me to the internet where I encounter countless blogs and sites authored by fabulous people with abundant talents.  The information exchange facilitated by the internet is truly wondrous.  My search also takes me to libraries (hello 700’s!!!), festivals, homes, and meetings.  Recently this search took my children and I to a historic home.  I have visited this home often and always soak up the spirit of handmade and family that is so present there.  It is a spirit that I want my children to feel. 

I have found that if I am well-prepared (food, timing, etc.), have realistic expectations, and have an understanding tour guide, that I can take, and enjoy, my children in many museum, and historic settings.  And, they can learn and grow from the experience at their own level and in a way that fascinates them.  That being said…I have been driven to tears in failed attempts…!  It’s a risky business…but when it works, its wonderful. 

This time it worked!!!

Robinson Photos Aug 13 167

At the entrance to the farm is the following plaque which reads:

“In just twelve years, the Smith family turned their hundred acres of forest into a farm that provided for their needs and stood as a monument to their family unity, thrift, and exemplary work habits.”

family unity…thrift…exemplary work habits

What a beautiful description and worthy goal for my own family.

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One thing that struck me was that so many important, functional items in the home were made beautiful.  While these items were so critical to daily life, time and effort was put into surrounding the family with bits of loveliness.  

Robinson Photos Aug 13 140  Robinson Photos Aug 13 144  Robinson Photos Aug 13 147 Robinson Photos Aug 13 149

Robinson Photos Aug 13 152

Lucy, the wonderful mama of this home, lived a handmade life.  She led her children in life and learning and in the constant pursuit of truth, beauty, and true happiness…all the time creating beauty around her. 

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Times and seasons change…current life becomes history…the future becomes the present…but values, philosophies and true principles hold fast.  Search to find truths and a way of life that works well for your family and then live and love your life fully.  Look to the past and bring it’s beauty back with you.  You won’t regret it.