Wednesday, August 19, 2009

And it begins….!

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Aaahhhh!!!! We have been working very hard at enjoying every minute of these last hot summer days!

I have heard it said that it is very convenient to have a doctor in the family, or even a lawyer. I for one, am loving having a horticultural scientist in the fam’. Especially one with an abundance of peaches and plums free for the taking. Abundance!!!

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10 lugs of abundance!!! And so it begins…the busy job of canning, cooking, and preserving all that beautiful fruit. While still having happy children, happy mom, more than two dishes left in the cupboard, and a recognizable kitchen!!! It’s a messy business but oh I love it.

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I remember laying in bed as a little girl, (and as a bigger girl), and hearing the sounds of my parents canning on into the night. They were safe, secure sounds. Comforting, and peaceful sounds. It filled me with the knowledge that I would not go hungry…that my parents were using their time and hands to make sure our family was cared for…and that the blessing of fresh, healthy produce grown from the beautiful earth, was a blessing indeed. I cherish that memory.

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Children are not born loving to can…loving a kitchen full of produce…or the mess and work it involves. But children, all children, are born curious and impressionable. They are attuned to the things that we as parents place value on and develop their own values from that. Intentional involvement is the key. But let’s be realistic…there was a reason that my parents kept on canning after sending all the extra little helping hands to bed!!!

Robinson Photos Aug 13 205 Robinson Photos Aug 13 210We are happily concocting all sorts of peachy yumminess. (The plum yumminess starts this evening!!!) Peach jam, peach chutney, peach butter, sliced peaches, all to be canned and put away for those long winter days! I am also very excited to try a few peachy main dishes! So many ways to eat a peach. What peachy deliciousness do you love?

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Unknown said...

Hmmmmm, it's really hard to beat a large, ripe sun-warm peach all by itself, best eaten leaning over to protect your clothes, and with the juice running down your elbow!!!

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