Thursday, August 20, 2009

Working Backwards

A few years ago, when I was a very new mom, and still finding my creative niche, I was given a treasure chest.  In reality it was a FedEx shipping box, or rather several of them.  But inside was a huge collection of upholstery fabric store samples and remnant pieces.  Boxes and boxes of little bits of beauty.  The textures, colors, and variety was incredible.  An older friend was paring down and I was thrilled to receive her cast offs!!!  I would pull all the pieces out…sort them…fold them…stack them…plan for them…be inspired by them…and put them all back just to do it all again a few days later.  When I was finally brave enough to start cutting into such a treasure trove of fabric I started making toys and products for my little one.  It has been a joy! 

Now as a new project fills my workroom, my mind, and my heart, I find myself working backwards through those first few projects inspired by those first few treasure boxes of fabric. 

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