Monday, August 17, 2009


I met a new house today.  I say “met” because many times houses are very much like people…meeting new ones is common, but every once in a while one crosses your path that is special…that sticks with you for some reason…that becomes a friend.  This is not my house.  It is not a house I will ever live in…(though I mentioned to its owner that I would be happy to share!)     But it is a house I will always remember because it has stories.  It is simply filled with stories.  Stories to accompany the different traveling woodworkers that stopped over its early years and laid incredible decorative hardwood floors.  Stories that fill the nooks and crannies of each unique bedroom.  Stories that slip out of each cupboard and shelf.  Stories that surround the hidden door and secret staircase with mystery and wonder.  And stories that are still being made by its newest owners and the six pairs of little feet that now fill the halls, and stairs, and rooms! 

It is the stories that fill old houses, antiques, and vintage items that bring mystery, appeal, and wonder.   The stories that fill these things enrich the experience of living in or using them.  Enrich….isn’t that a wonderful word.  I for one, want to be enriched! 

There is another place stories are found…and that is within handmade items.  From the hands of the creator that item is filled with stories….stories written and stories yet to be written.  Stories that will enrich and fulfill on such a fundamental level that you may not even notice that it is happening.  But you’ll be able to notice that there’s a difference between using a handmade item and a big box one…and the difference is stories. 


Anonymous said...

I love every single thing about your blog. Everything. However...this post speaks to me especially. I totally and completely am on the very same page and have thought every single thought written. It is the essence of why I don't like my current home and LOVED my last home. *sigh* However...I LOVE our current home for the reasons stated in post after this one. We have been doing LOTS of picking, chopping, cooking -- but not much canning...yet.... Our garden overfloweth with earthy goodness.

A-Kap said...
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